We are all a little MAD here...

An Audiobook production company designed for the little guy or the big guy.

M.A.D. Audiobooks is a full-service Audiobook Production company. We work with Authors in all stages of their journey, from web series authors to full-fledged published authors. We want to produce the Audiobook or Audio series of your dreams. For some people that is a scary step, and we are here to help with that. We will walk you through publishing your book or series to amazon and then bring it to life by guiding you through the ACX process. Don't need help with one or both of those steps well then, we can still provide you with the style of Audiobook you are wanting. We offer full cast audiobooks, immersive sound audiobooks, single reader narrative, single reader narrative, and single reader multi character... and so many more.

Consultations are available on an appointment only basis. Please contact us at the below email address to find out if we are what you are looking for.

Email: Evan @MadAudiobooks.com

Follow Us : @Madaudiobooks 


Click on everyone's faces for their actual professional bios and not just the story of how Evan knows them!

Evan Jae Smith

Magpie Chief on High

Fake it till you make it...right?

Evan was the first Magpie. This crazy idea was hers, and she somehow convinced the rest of this group to tag along in her adventure to new lands. Evan grew up in the theater. She went on to fall in love with Voice Over and Audiobooks and decided that is where she wanted to make her mark. 

Mike Denman

Magpie in charge of Marketing and Leads

Evan met Mike in High school...He was getting a Dr Pepper and she was on her way to Thespians Club. She somehow convinced him to come with her and they have been friends ever since. He was one of the first people she thought of when developing the Magpies... now he IS a Magpie whether he wants to be one or not.... Wait I think that's what she said to him in High-school at the snack machine... hmmm, coincidence... I think not.

Chris Riley

Magpie "not" in charge of Sound Editing

Evan Met Chris on a streamed ttrpg game, he was the video and sound editor and player on, and she was cast as one of the players. When her story arch came to an end they kept in touch, and he eventually started playing a ttrpg game with Evan and Dan. One day Evan said, "Hey I got this idea," and he said cool but, I don't want to be in charge of anything, but sure I will be involved. Now he is a founding Magpie... whether he wants to be or not. I'm sensing a theme with this.

Oh.... Don't tell him he is listed here, he said he isn't in charge of anything. 

Dan Bos

Magpie incharge of Audio Engineering 

Evan and Dan met when they started playing Dungeons and Dragons together. She found out that he was an audio engineer and He started helping her with her Audiobooks and now she has convinced him that being a Magpie is a good idea. Hehehe, what was he thinking?

John Smith

The Magpie tasked with wrangling Evan and all her Hyper-focuses... this is her Husband... pray for him

Evan and John have been married for a long ass time and he is used to her shenanigans and constantly changing hyper focuses. They have 3 kids filled with Evans ADHD and John is the only A-Typical brain in the house. His life is interesting to say the least. She came to him with this idea, and he asked is this a new hyper focus. She said no... he is now an Honorary Magpie.